Orchestra Benefits


The Concert Curriculum benefits orchestras in a number of concrete ways.

It enables orchestras to:

  1. Provide extraordinary educational program with proven positive results for students;

  2. Give culminating, popular concerts with whole-grade student involvement;

  3. Fortify ties with communities;

  4. Participate in close, sustained collaboration with local schools and students;

  5. Partner with regional institutions and RIME – leveraging resources;

  6. Increase media attention and public awareness;

  7. Expand audience, including among underrepresented populations;

  8. Incorporate contemporary musical styles and theatrical elements into concerts;

  9. provide a gratifying and fun experience for orchestra players and staff;

  10. Participate in research;

  11. Enhance fundraising.

For orchestras with robust outreach departments, the Concert Curriculum complements existing programs.

For orchestras with limited resources, the Concert Curriculum not only enables them to engage in best-practice outreach without the expense of program development, but also may open up new avenues of funding.

With An Orchestra's Guide To The Universe, the program also enables the orchestra to produce an extraordinary multimedia, journey-through-the-universe concert in partnership with a science institution, with images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other sources projected into the hall.

While the concerts that culminate the program are always unique, reflecting the circumstances and personalities of participating organizations, they share the common experience of thrilling audiences and packing venues.

In an evaluation of the field published in the National Arts Journalism Program Journal of Columbia University, author Gwendolyn Freed concluded that the culminating concert was "the most exciting thing going on in children's programming" and "would have kids begging their parents for a chance to go to the symphony." Susan Tilley, Regional Arts Administrator for the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, stated "we have never had concerts that integrate children's and professionals' talents to this degree, or that engage large audiences of young people in quite this fashion." Phillippe Entremont, Conductor of the Israel Chamber Orchestra, concluded it was "a thoroughly unique and exhilarating experience for the orchestra, for the children, and for me, which made for a fantastic experience for the audience.”


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